Our Vision

Reaching for Resolve aspires to be a meaningful and catalytic contributor to the establishment of greater capacity, cooperation, understanding and tolerance in the face of conflict. We strongly believe in supporting leadership growth and development so that individuals and groups are motivated by a compelling vision about their work and its value. Above all, we are called to help and to serve. 

Our Values

Guiding principles, beliefs, and moral foundations are the primary drivers of behaviour and performance. Reaching for Resolve is committed to actualizing a set of core values in the work it does and the relationships it develops. We believe in promoting one unified human family made up of diverse and authentic expressions of a connected consciousness.

The following values not only inform how Reaching for Resolve delivers services and fosters relationships, but are also suggested as guiding principles regarding effective and mindful conflict engagement:

“You should place human solidarity, the concern for the other, at the centre of the values by which you live”.

– Nelson Mandela